The Surprising Ways Earth Could Survive an Asteroid Strike


The Surprising Ways Earth Could Survive an Asteroid Strike . It’s widely held that it was an asteroid that doomed the dinosaurs; a hurtling hunk of space rock that, around 66 million years ago, crashed into Earth and rewrote the ecosystems of an entire planet. Today, an asteroid impact is still something we to some extent plan for, but what says that we would fare any better than the dinosaurs did?



Asteroid strikes actually already occur with surprising frequency. The size of the asteroid is what determines how much damage it can do, with smaller impacts sometimes passing by unnoticed. But asteroids big enough to strike Earth with the force of a hydrogen bomb reportedly happen every couple hundred years, or so. One of the last events of this kind was in Siberia, in 1908, where there were thankfully less people directly affected  but swap the remoteness of Siberia for a city housing millions, and it’s clear there’s the potential for catastrophe! It’s thought that a city could fall to an asteroid that’s around 100 meters across.


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