Lost Gate of Odessos has been Located


Lost Gate of Odessos has been Located

Lost Gate of Odessos

If you have never heard of Odessos, it is an ancient city located in Bulgaria whose gates have not been seen or located since 1982. Because of this, there was a big celebration when researchers were able to rediscover one of the lost gates.
What is crazy, however, is this gate on the southwest side of the city had been found once before but was lost shortly after. Doesn’t that sound crazy?


The city that now takes the place of Odessos is referred to as Varna and sits along the coast of the Black Sea. This city is full of rich history and is home to some of the oldest gold artifacts. Some of these artifacts date all the way back to 5000BC!

You may be wondering why the city itself had a gate. Now, if you know the history of early cities, many of them were actually built with walls or gates around them for protection. This is exactly what Odessos was doing when they built a fortress wall around its edges.


The city was ruled by several different empires over time including the Thracians, romans, Ottomans, and Greeks. There is a deeply rooted history here, so it was an extraordinary event when the gate was located.
You may also be wondering what happened to the city of Odessos. As with many ancient cities, it fell to ruins and a newer and more modern city took its place. This led to researchers digging up the city and trying to find any remains they could.
After years and years of searching, one of the gates was finally found. It is measured to be an amazing 8 meters in width, half of which has been unearthed as of now. Along with this gate, they found what appears to be part of the main street that ran through the center of the city, it being in pristine condition.


The found gate can be dated all the way back to the 5th and 6th century AD and was known as the harbor gate since it connected to the port. This gate helped researchers to determine that the fortress itself was built during the Roman era and lasted until the late 6th or early 7th century.
This is the first and only gate of Odessos that has been found so far and just with this piece alone, researchers have been able to learn much about the ancient city. Researchers continue to excavate and search for more remains of the city because it is such a deep part of history in that area.


The gate that was located may appear in the open-air museum so that others can learn about this amazing ancient city themselves. History such as this gate are amazing to discovery and study because they show us just a glimpse of what may have happened and what life may have been like in that time.


There have been many other cities such as Odessos that have dissipated, only to be discovered later by archaeologists and researchers digging for history. It is now even more important for the researchers to continue their search for the rest of the gates of Odessos so that the history of this town can grow even more and more in knowledge.
Think about it, what if the city you live in now suddenly dissipated one day. Imagine how much history would be buried decades from now. Crazy to think about, right?

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