Hattusa: The Ancient City and Home of the Green Rock


Hattusa: The Ancient City and Home of the Green Rock

Hattusa: The Ancient City and Home of the Green Rock

The ancient city of Hattusa is known for its magnificent artifacts such as stones, sphinxes, green stones, drill-like holes, and much more. What is the most bizarre thing about these mysterious artifacts is that some of their features are eerily similar to those found in South America which is halfway across the world.


In fact, this ancient city is located in Turkey, miles and miles away from South America. This city is rich in history as it was once the capital city for the Hittite Empire in the Bronze Age.
While the location of this magnificent city had many perks such as the vast forests and fields, the drawbacks were that the rivers that ran along it were not able to be navigated and the barbaric Kaskians lived nearby and were a threat to this civilization.


The people who lived in this city were referred to as Hittites and they were a very mysterious people.
There have already been many discoveries made in this ancient city such as various ancient texts, clay tablets, and other ancient documents showing the diplomacy and diplomatic relations with other civilizations.
The area first began being excavated in the year 1906 and archaeologists began working to rediscover the ruins of this ancient city. The clay tablets that have been found were written in various languages and relate most accordingly to the reign of the final Hittite monarch in a very prosperous time for the city.


However, the times were not always so fortunate. In fact, this city went through various ups and downs and face many challenges. One of the many challenges was destroying the reign of Anitta and was later reconstructed.
There was a lot of power struggles in the newly reconstructed city, and after these struggles, the track of Hattusa, the namesake of Hattite, became lost, and it is thought the that Kaskas or some other tribe destroyed it.
After this, the city became isolated and uninhabited for a long time until modern day researchers rediscovered it. It is still widely unknown what happened during the time of these tribulations in the city and is still trying to be discovered.
Some theories rebuke the believe that the cities were burned by invading armies and instead believe they were destroyed by some other-worldly force. Because of the shear strength of the walls that were around the town, this mindset is not too far-fetched, leading may to believe that maybe a comet or asteroid hit the city and destroyed it.


Now, to the title of this video. The builders of this city were thought to be excellent stonemasons because of the work that can be seen all over the city, such as the massive temple being built purely of stones.
One of the biggest mysteries of the stones in this city, however, are the large drill-like holes found all over. It is still widely unknown how they created these perfect holes in that time period.
Another mystery revolving stones is the green-stone boulder which is located where the temple of the city once stood. It is a smooth, green stone that creates a lot of debate among experts because they cannot figure out the origins of the stone itself.


The weirdest part of this stone is the energy that people say they feel when they touch it. That in itself makes me very curious. This city has so many mysteries surrounding it that have definitely peaked my interest, and I hope they have peaked yours as well. What are your theories about this city? Was it destroyed by enemies, or something not from this world? What do these stones mean?

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