Did Archaeologists Actually Find ‘Atlantis’?


Did Archaeologists Actually Find ‘Atlantis’?



Over the years and throughout the globe, many have claimed to have found the lost city of Atlantis or have their own version of the city itself. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe this mystical lost city was actually a land connected to the U.K. and Europe that existed thousands of years ago? Or that it may have been a place where thousands of people and creatures lived?

Those questions have now been answered. Archaeologists claim to have discovered this very land off the coast of Britain completely submerged in water.
This land was named “Doggerland” after the Dogger Bank but can also be correlated to any period of time when the North Sea was land. The land found is one that is similar to the Bering Strait as the Bering Strait was also once a strip of land that ran between Russia and Alaska. Crazy, right?

What is even more amazing about this discovery, however, is that there have been many artifacts found that date back to over 10,000 years ago! They even believe this land to have been around in the Stone Age due to some of the Wooly Mammoth artifacts found.
Interestingly enough, from the animal findings such as Wooly Mammoths and deer, the Archaeologists can narrow down the type of people that may have inhabited this land. The artifacts also give way into discovering who may have lived there before it was submerged.

While the true method on how this land became submerged remains a mystery, the most consistent theory is that around 8,000 years ago, a massive tsunami hit this land and part of the land was turned into the ocean floor. Can you imagine a tsunami such as this hitting us today? Better duck in cover!
Many people nowadays talk about how sea levels are on the rise. This is no new phenomenon, however. In fact, the sea level goes through a cycle of rising and follow for centuries. There are many disappearances and worldwide phenomenons that are contributed to the rising of sea levels such as the Hellenistic fortress form biblical times vanishing until recent times.

With all of their findings, the archaeologists have been working hard at trying to recreate what this land must’ve looked like before it was submerged. Until recently, they didn’t have enough information to form a recreation of the land, but since they have been working with oil companies as of late, they have discovered much more useful bits of information.
According to their findings, they believe that tens of thousands of animals and species lived on this land and were hunted by humans. This means that the tsunami that submerged the land was not only detrimental to the animal population, but also to human. Can you even imagine?

However, that is not all that was found! Another team of archaeologists made an even more interesting discovery with the use of sound rather than light tracking. They were able to see how the ruins interact with the tides and sea beds.
With this, they were able to locate a city called Dunwich which used to be a major port city for the English. With their technology, they were able to recognize the city and see how much of it truly is still in tact. This city, just like Doggerland, was swallowed up by a high storm and lost to sea.

If this shows anything, it shows two things: the absolute power of nature and the amazing advancement of our technology. Nature has a mind of its own and this is definitely true with these lost lands and cities. However, with the technology we have today, we are better able to study and find these lost cities. Amazing!

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  1. “This means that the tsunami that submerged the land was not only detrimental to the animal population, but also to human. Can you even imagine?”

    Yes i can imagine.

    I can imagine it quite easily, why do you ask?