How Google Owns 30% of Your Brain

Google Owns 28% of Your Brain 3


So, no matter what tool you use for say, navigation– a paper map, your smartphone’s app, or a voice assistant it becomes a part of your mind. But what does it mean for my good old brain when some of these tools guide my thoughts and decisions? So, does this mean you give up thinking on your own and start to take in AI recommendations as your own thought? We actually never totally think on our own right. We’re all influenced by things we see. So what ai is doing is changing the game around you.



Like what are you seeing? How would you be affected? What’s the best way to influence you? So you were still thinking on your own, but you’re seeing a bunch of different things. So what AI does is to be able to manipulate your environment, your information environment, and as it gets embedded into everything is it gets embedded into our cars. Our kitchens are things. It’s going to change a lot of things too.



It is nudging you, right? It’s not hitting you over the head. We want to put up with it. It’s not necessarily making decisions for you either, but it’s getting in your head. Would you like this? Maybe like more of this. Or if you’re in your car, it might be like, Huh, this is the kind of place this person goes to and give the coupons. All of a sudden you’re more incentivised so you can look at it as this architecture that creates a maze for you and that you make your decisions. And with artificial intelligence, the trick is that maze isn’t visible or you don’t see all the thinking that’s going behind the screen.



That results in you seeing exactly what you’re seeing. And as these technologies become integrated into the everyday devices, you’re not going to see exactly what they’re doing either, but they’ll be there doing that kind of thinking. And they’re not thinking with us most of the assignment, which is the problem. Otherwise I think they’re really great uses for it. But the way they’re employed right now is a couple of corporations that have a very different agenda than what I want to do with my life. Right. So that’s the problem.



They’re thinking about me on behalf of someone else. So, if these algorithms continue to suggest these subtle changes to our behaviour . Does this change our psychology? So…is this new technology changing our brains? I’m sure you’ve heard this question a million times. it’s always been raised during any technological revolution. When it comes to this question people broadly fall into two camps: some say yes, tech changes us — we take on what we do and consume. It’s sort of like the intellectual version of you are what you eat.



The other camp says this is just panic. The effects of what we do in one domain are limited to that domain. That is, if you give short bits of attention to Twitter, that doesn’t diminish your basic attention span elsewhere. But even if tech doesn’t change the building blocks of how our brains process and compute, it can push the brain into various modes of operation. After being in those modes for too long, it may be difficult to break out.


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