SHORT STORY “Insomnia “



Insomnia struck Sarah once again. It’d been a rough week. She’d suffered with the condition since she was a teenager, and had become increasingly worse after meeting her husband, Gregg.

He was fine in the beginning, but the day of their honeymoon he finally showed his true colours, and with no other family and a timid personality, Sarah was trapped.

Having insomnia is like being on a different planet, no…a different plane of existence. A constant stream of inner-chatter and a strange understanding of consciousness. It’s like you’re here but you’re not.

A tiny sprinkle of noise from the floor below made her eyes widen and stopped her lungs mid breath.

“Gregg,” She whispered. “…Gregg,



“Uh! What!?” He answered but hardly moved.

“I think there’s someone in the house!”

“What?” He asked again.

“There’s someone in the bloody house!”

He sat up straight and quickly flicked the lamp on.

“Call the cops.” He whispered, as he flung back the sheets and quietly tiptoed across the bedroom floor.

“My phone’s downstairs!” She admitted. The look he gave sent a cold shiver through her body. It was the same hard stare he always gave when he thinks she’s done something dumb, and was normally followed with some sort of violence. Sarah often daydreamt of getting revenge in various ways.

Fuck-sake” he muttered to himself, while slowly opening their door with a squeak. This only made the unknown sounds louder and more heart pounding though.

Footsteps…Undeniably…Up the stairs…

They were slow and heavy. Between each step, there was a thud.

Foot step, thud…Foot step, thud.

They were nearing the top.

Foot step, thud…Foot step, thud…Foot step…

Gregg slammed the door shut. His attempt at using his body weight to flow through his arms and hands failed, and the axe went straight through his palm, splitting both door and hand in two.

Her mouth dropped open, but no sound escaped. The sight of the black cloacked, masked man struck fear in her heart and fully clamped her vocal chords.

He took one long look at her before diverting his attention back to Gregg. He swiftly swung the axe over his shoulder and used gravity to his advantage. It struck between Greggs legs, slicing his man-meat in two and rendering him unconscious.

The masked man was now poised in the same position like a statue; bent over and still holding the axe. After a couple of minutes of zero movement she realised something about the situation…

Sarah was now stood infront of the frozen intruder. He wasn’t even breathing. She poked him…nothing.

Her shaking hands reached the mask, she took one final breath and ripped it from his face.

Sarah’s mouth fell open once more. Stood infront of her, was herself. Frozen in a world that was now becoming more clear. She closed her eyes and shook her head. Upon opening them, she was now the one holding the axe, and she unknowingly smiled.

Funny what lack of sleep can do to you.


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