Homeless dog was so hungry he ate rocks! Thanks to your support, we saved his life!



  1. I always wonder if the person who abandoned the dog, watched the video… And feels even a little bad about doing this to them. I wish there was like a rule that if you abandon your animal, you will not be allowed to get a pet of any sort.

  2. I don t get it! If i saw a dog several times alone on the streets i would call several agencies to inquire and after my calls i would take him in home till help would arrive!

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  4. Great job guys! And great job to the kind neighbors had helped out with the trap! I love seeing the other kind people who offer to help you guys – between them, and of course you all, my faith in humanity is restored whenever I watch one of your videos.

    Stewie seemed like such a sweet boy! I can't imagine the type of person you'd have to be to leave behind a family pet who was (obviously, as he stayed at the house) with you for years and loved you… I know sometimes people get into unforeseen circumstances where they truly CANNOT keep their pet, but, if you can't find a friend, or nice person/family to adopt him or her, AT LEAST drop him at a shelter so he'll be safe and warm. Imagine him set outside just waiting and waiting and waiting, thinking the family had gone out to do something for a few hours. It may be painful to say goodbye, and you may feel embarrassed having to give away your dog to a bunch of dog lover's, but I guarantee if you explain and say, "I just wanted him to at least be safe, and I didn't want to just set him outside." I'm SURE the people will be thrilled that you made the right choice, and will thank you for doing so. Sometimes things happen outside of our control, but still, just be sure to think very hard before getting a dog – ESPECIALLY if you've never had one before. It truly is like having a toddler that can't speak, and never grows up.
    Something to try if you're not sure if you're ready for a dog – start with a small critter, like a hamster, rabbit, or guinea pig (etc), because they have a much shorter life (1-3 years), and don't require as much care as dog (but do need to be fed daily, water changed daily, and their habitat must be cleaned of poop & given new begging, at LEAST once a week). See how you are caring for a pet, if it bothers you, if you "have the time", etc. Just be sure to treat the creature with respect and love, regardless what kind of critter it is. If you get annoyed by having to care for it, get sick of it all very quickly once the "novelty" wears off (aw, sad for the little guy in my made up anecdote LOL), or slack off on it, *TRUST ME*, you are NOT ready for a dog. Dogs give lots of love, that's true, and they really can be the joy of your life (mine is!) BUT if you're not prepared, it can be overwhelming. They're also VERY expensive (even if you only buy a dollar store leash and bowl and a couple of toys and spend under $10 on supplies, you still have to have food for them to eat 2-4 times a day (depending on diet), and also take them to the vet (even if they're the healthiest dog alive, that'll put you out a couple of bucks… between the check-up, vaccinations and "fixing" the dog, alone). Also, they're not like kids, where in a few years they'll be able to wipe their own tushy and pour their own cereal; You'll ALWAYS have to pick up their poop, walk, and feed them… EVERY DAY (or else hire someone else to do it if you're on vacation or something)…. for a decade (give or take). Heck, there were times when things got really stressful when my dog was a pup that I thought, "Was getting this pup a bad idea?" for a second…………. and I contemplated getting my own dog for YEARS before I did, made sure I was totally ready, had the time and money to care for a puppy, AND had dogs growing up! If you don't take care of the hamster diligently and stay on top of it, TRUST ME, you aren't ready for a dog and you will grow to resent the dog for all the attention and care it needs. Just trust me!

    Total side note, but advice for anyone thinking of getting a puppy who's never raised up a puppy before:
    The number one advice I give to people getting pups (if they're getting a medium or large one ESPECIALLY), that someone gave me and I didn't listen to LOL: Stop the "toothiness" RIGHT AWAY, and make them aware humans have sensitive skin (unlike dogs), by squeeking in the way pups do when they're hurt (you can google "how to teach puppies biting hurts humans") so they know we can get hurt much easier when playing than a dog can… Because you may think it's cute when a little 6lbs puppy is biting on your fingers, but 4 months later, when they're 15lbs with razor sharp baby teeth, jumping and biting whenever they want to play, and you have bruises ALL OVER your body from them "pinching" when they nip– BELIEVE ME– you won't think it's cute any more!!!!! There were a couple of times I remember saying to my other family members, "If this isn't just a phase, we have to send her to training school because I can't even LIKE her anymore when she's biting me every 5 minutes" (obviously this was said right after she got me bad lol of course I always liked her). Long story short – it was a phase and now she REALLY understands being gentle when teeth are involved… but TRUST ME, unless you want to go to work or school looking like you're being abused, teach them from the getgo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even when it's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL I know how hard it is, seeing as I failed lol but trust me, if you don't do it, you'll regret it!)

  5. You have my support keep doing what you are doing.
    It's horrible what people do I smh. But then you clean up the dirty tracks they have made. Thank you . You have my support this is my mom's daughter I would show you my name but perfer not to I think you so much for saving there lives we humans have to understand that they have a life to. Thank you so much

  6. Why do people even get dogs if they are gonna abandon them?!? Dogs are animals that need attention!! They need love,Attention,And most importantly…Family!!

  7. So adorbs,. and @3:36..he's going,.( '' yes my new friends and fans, I'm here, and you can now view me just for a min. then I got to attend to my business ok..so take your pictures, what you need..thank-you, thank-you very much ! '' )